Insurance is like a parachute. If you don’t have it when you need it most it’s too late.

Saving your life shouldn’t mean losing your life savings.

Your family’s outcome relies on your income.

Would your bank manager pay off your mortgage if you suffered a heart attack?

A good investment is one that pays you the most when you need it the most.

“Provision for others is a fundamental responsibility for human life”. (Woodrow Wilson)

If a debt is created, always have a way to fund it.

If it’s tough getting by on your salary now, how well do you think your family will get by without it?

The only thing worse than a home without a mother is a mother without a home.

The most valuable asset that a father can leave his children with, is their mother’s full time care.

More good things are lost by indecision than by wrong decision.

Wives may not believe in life insurance, but widows always do.

Life insurance is the only plan that will guarantee a known sum at an unknown time

Losing a father is bad enough, inheriting a part time mother makes it worse.

No debt should last longer than the person who created it.

In the final analysis, all you can leave your widow is the “dignity of choice”

What formula did you use to arrive at the amount of life insurance you have at the moment?

What percentage of your income in a lump sum would you like to leave your widow and children?

The worst time for a wife to become a breadwinner is when she first becomes a widow.

Do you know anyone who has died, that had too much life insurance?

If you were totally disabled yesterday how much would you need to clear your debt?

Have you ever met a widow who said that her husband had too much life insurance?

If every wife knew what every widow knows, every husband would be insured for more.

Who do you want to inherit your debt?

Which is harder for a widow? Being unprepared or being unfunded?

Do you see your family being devastated by the unknown or being devastated by the unfunded?

How would your family be affected if you couldn’t work for 2 years?

This plan will pay 75% of your salary when no one else will.

You say you have trouble living within your income – consider living without your income.

How big a reduction in your income could you absorb/sustain if you become disabled?

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