Disability Business Overheads Insurance

Sleep easy with an InsuranceFit Disability Business Overhead Insurance quote, also known as Business Overhead Insurance or Business Expenses Insurance, Disability Business Overhead Insurance quotes are made easy and cost effective with Independent Disability Business Overhead Insurance Research Software. More >

What types of people need Business Expense cover?

It is essential for small business owners to consider, and most suited to service businesses where the owner is the main income-generator, and temporary replacement of their role is not either available, hard to find, or not suited. More >

Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Find out which business expenses are eligible for Disability Business Overheads Insurance. More >

Case Study - Disability Business Overheads Insurance

Jack is a carpenter with a gross income of $90,000 p.a. and his expenses of around $30,000 p.a. Jack’s expenses mainly relate to lease payments on his equipment and ute, as well as the cost of advertising and insuring his business.

Jack has an Income Protection policy of $3,750 p.m. covering 75% of his net income of $60,000 p.a. ($90,000 gross income minus $30,000 business expenses).

If Jack becomes disabled, and assuming he does not have Disability Business Overheads Insurance, Jack would have to use $2,500 p.m. ($30,000 p.a. 12 months) of his $3,750 p.m. IP benefit to pay his ongoing business expenses.

That leaves him only $1,250 p.m. to live on – significantly less than the $5,000 p.m. net income (before tax) he normally earns, and probably not enough to cover his normal living expenses.