Trauma Insurance

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So what could you rely on?

Deferring your financial goals to cover the cost of health care, recovery and time off work mean drawing down your personal savings and investments. That’s a last resort and isn’t a great outcome for anyone More >

How can Trauma insurance help you protect your family’s future?

Trauma insurance pays a tax free lump sum for a range of specified life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

The financial burden that comes with such an event can be reduced because the insurance enables you to pay for the medical help you want – giving you the time you need to recover. Without the extra stress you can focus on getting better.

There are no restrictions on how the payment is spent. It can be used to cover out of pocket expenses such as a home carer or nurse, replace the income lost due to time off work, and/or lifestyle changes you or your family need to make.

Trauma Insurance offers you and your dependants some highly valuable features:

  • It can often be packaged with life insurance and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance which may result in a lower overall premium
  • You can generally choose from a range of other benefit options, including the ability to increase your cover in line with inflation or when you lifestyle changes.