How can income protection insurance help you take control of your future?

Disability income can pay you up to 75% of your gross monthly salary, to help take care of you and your family financially while you keep the focus where it needs to be – on recovery. More >

Income Protection Insurance

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It’s not just the bills

When it comes to protecting your income, it’s easy to forget that you’re protecting more than your ability to meet mortgage repayments and put petrol in the car. Your income isn’t just about the bills – it’s about your future – and how much you enjoy it.

Without a regular income how can you:

  • Save for your retirement
  • Send your children to the school of your choice
  • Travel
  • Take a chance on other careers and lifestyles
What can you rely on?

It’s no surprise that Australians are underinsured. Nobody wants to think about being injured or falling ill.

Government benefits, Workers Compensation and sick leave may help alleviate some of the burden of illness or injury, but they aren’t designed to replace an income – and certainly not for long periods.

You could draw down your investments, superannuation or sell off your home or assets; but is that really the best solution?