Aon’s Privacy statement

Aon has always valued the privacy of personal information. If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy, you can contact us or access it from our website at

Why does InsuranceFit request personal information?

InsuranceFit collects certain personal information from its users so that our authorised insurance specialists can obtain the quote you have requested. The more information that you provide, the more accurate the quote we can provide. .

Sharing of Personal Information with InsuranceFit

By submitting your information on our site, you understand and consent to the information being made available to our authorised insurance specialists. You also authorise these specialists to contact you via email, phone, fax and telephone regardless of your phone number being on any no-call list. Your information is only shared with our insurance carriers when you have decided to proceed with the cover and have signed the appropriate application forms.


All information we obtain is stored securely on our server. We use the highest quality systems to protect our database and your personal information.